Welcome to your RSVP page, where we can develop an online wedding invitation response page for you. You can personalize your page with a theme of your choosing - be that a special interest, sports team, idol, county or family crests or other item, with special meaning to you.

Your RSVP page allows you to give your guests any information you wish, relating to your wedding - this is all explained below. You get your invitation responses by both email and a database of responses, which only you can view, is generated.

Your guests have a source for all relevant information, saving you the cost of printing & posting such information and you have all online replies at the click of a button. You later have the option to publish a "thank you" message on your RSVP page, again saving the costly and time consuming process of buying cards, writing them individually and postage costs.


Your guests view your RSVP page and on clicking the RSVP button they are taken to your response page where they can reply to your invitation.


When your guests complete and submit the response form, they are then automatically taken to an information page and an email is automatically sent to your email address notifying you of this guests response.


The information page your guests are taken to may include any details you wish, such as, directions (google maps) to ceremony & reception locations, links or details of local accommodation providers, local taxi's, hairdressers or any other information you wish to include.


In addition to receiving an email of your guests response - such response is also recorded on a database which is password protected and only visible to you. So with the click of a button you are updated with the details and numbers of guests attending your wedding.


A Timely Reminder

We appreciate the importance of your wedding invitation response page, many important decisions are based on such responses and we also understand that some final tasks cannot be undertaken until the invitation responses are received. Without getting into the complexities of a wedding invitation response page, please be aware that it requires a lot of time to set up and test - we therefore suggest you order your page a minimum of four months before your RSVP by date.

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