A Heads Up before you choose

Some categories of website, involve the addition of software to achieve their purpose. Examples are eCommerce websites, Accommodation websites, Ticketing websites, Booking or Scheduling websites - these type of websites may ( and normally do ) incur set up fees and monthly fees to enable payment and booking software on your website. Consequently the addition of such software on your website and the associated costs are elements to be factored in, when choosing your type of website.


We can build databases and link them to your website. Databases are used to store records. You can store inventory details or customer details and you have instant accesss to these records at a button click. Using the data you have stored you can store contact telephone numbers and email addresses and auto complete quotations, invoices, envelope addresses and multiple other functions. You decide who has access to this information by password protection

Images and Video

With proficiency in image editing, we only use images on your website that are optimized. Pictures really do paint a thousand words and that is why high quality optimized images are important and enhance visitor experience on your website. We can embed videos in your site including youtube, vimeo or MP4 videos. Videos are extremely large files and some hosting servers limit the size of files you can upload. We use the modern HTML5 video element for this purpose.

Website Upgrades

The majority of current websites are of fixed-width. This means their width is constant and they won't scale to fit the viewports of modern devices, such as smartphones, ipads, tablets etc. We provide a conversion service by which your website is adapted to the responsive format and can be viewed easily in all it's glory on any modern device. Such conversions are significantly more cost effective than building a complete new website.

Videos ~ An excellent way to get your message across

Videos may be educational, instructional, motivational or for entertainment, whatever the purpose we can embed or link to the video of your choice..

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