Wedding Invitation Response Page

What is an R.S.V.P. page

An RSVP page is a way of permitting your guests respond to your wedding invitation, it is fast, saves you and your guests money, is an eco friendly and stress reducing way to receive and give information to your guests. Replies are automatically recorded on a database and are also forwarded to you via email. You can immediately see whose attending and any special requirements they have.

In Keeping with Tradition

An RSVP page greatly enhances tradition. You send out invitation cards as normal to your guests, those cards include a link to your online RSVP page. Your guests can now access this page for all manner of replies, directions and information.

....and there's more

Immediately on submitting their invitation response, your invitees are taken to an information page. This page may contain any manner of information you wish, such as directions to formal ceremony, directions to celebratory venue, google maps are used for directions. Your guests maybe from another area or even country so such information viewable on their computers or phones is invaluable. Include if you will, local accommodation, taxi services, hairdressers, baby sitters etc and such information augurs well for a hassle free occassion.

....and there's more

In this era of after parties, again you can direct attendees to venues, more importantly you can include an attendance form where intending party-goers can let you know they are attending, such information can benefit catering arrangements immensely not to mention prevention of food waste and associated costs. Dietary requirements may also be sought where special circumstances warrant.

....and there's more

Your RSVP page remains active for a number of months after your wedding. Having sought email addresses on your RSVP page you can thank attendees individually or collectively on your page. There are probably further uses for your page and you can discuss such ideas with us by emailing or phoning us at Donegal Web Design. We have no doubt that an RSVP page will save on stress and expenses in the lead up to your wedding day and afterwards. We therefore invite you to test the funtcionality and efficiency of our RSVP pages to see how your big day maybe enhanced.

Works Worldwide

Whether your in the U.K. Ireland or the U.S.we would be delighted to offer our services to complement your big day. Remember we can use your wedding invitation design / pattern on your RSVP page or use your team, sport, icon, crest or other theme on your RSVP page. Finally after viewing the RSVP page in action to get a better appreciation of it's benefits, we invite you to contact us at Donegal Web Design to book your RSVP page or discuss it's workings further. We require 3 months notice before wedding date, to set up and test your RSVP page. So please go ahead and try out the R.S.V.P. page on the link below